Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wednesday Night Wyco Ride #2

What: Wednesday Night Wyco Rides (#2 of 3 rides)
Where: Wyandotte County Lake Park – Main Trailhead (Shelter 9/Boy Scout)
When: Wednesday, 10/10/12, 6:00 pm & 6:45 pm
Who: Anyone who likes to ride MTB bikes.  Anyone who is racing Wyco’s Revenge.  
Why: Because riding at night is the second best thing to do at night.
Notes 1: At 6:00 pm we will depart for a partial lap during the lighted hours.  Upon returning from our warm-up lap, we will install lights and head out for a night lap.  6:45 pm MTB time (this means we will most likely have to wait for Tim again...) we will depart to begin our Night lap.  A good working light and a secondary light (flashlight) is required.  
Notes 2: First time riding at night?  We do have a couple of spare lights that are available.  There will be a no drop rider group for any first timers. 

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