Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The shirt order for those of you who preregistered by the 11th has been placed. I should have a few extra for those of you who missed the chance that will be put up for sale on race day.

Over the weekend I got the chance to ride the full course with a few friends and it is awesome the reroutes on 357 the new trail blazes and some of the maintenance work on the trail relay makes this course shine. I plan on leading a slow no drop group ride of the course during Wyco Wednesday on September 23rd and 30th so if anyone wants a guided tour of the course please join us we should roll out 6pm MTB time. If someone wants to volunteer to lead a fast group that would be wonderful. Please bring lights if you have them just in case our slow pace keeps us out into the dark. I will have mine so worst case is we will all find our way home. We will be starting the rides from the main trail head above shelter 9 marked by the kiosk.

Last but not least with the cooler weather were getting its time to dust of your chili recipe and get it polished up in time for the Chili Cook-Off our judges are looking forward to tasting your creations and our racers are looking forward to a nice warm bowl of chili after their fight with the revenge.


  1. carbon fiber wheels are lighter and stiffer. Your carbon fiber wheel spokes should be high tension, which allows you to accelerate quicker and maintain speed better.

  2. Any chance on getting a course map set up? Thanks!