Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wyco's Revenge Update II - 8/7/14

We are happy to announce that Rock & Run Brewery and Pub has joined us and will provide Growler's for the overall male and female winners of the Full Wyco's Revenge.  In addition everyone who enters the race will receive a free pint of beer.

Registration closes tonight for the 3rd Annual Wyco's Revenge. Do not forget that we have team classes available as well as solo.  No matter what category you are participating in the Hellcat Racing and Cycling team will have your race packet ready for you on Saturday.   If you do not get a chance to register online no worries.  Race day registration opens at 4:30 pm on Saturday at Shelter #3.  Please allow for extra time to get yourself registered and ready for the 6:00 pm start if you are registering on Saturday.  
The Wyco's Revenge course will be marked tomorrow afternoon.  The Trail Masons report that the course is looking great for Saturday's event. 

Be sure to smile while out on course.  The Lantern Rouge will be on course bringing us plenty of action shots.

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